Film Fest Tucson

Downtown Tucson

Project Description:

One of Stratford Artworks current projects is Film Fest Tucson. This project is an annual destination film festival that features nearly 50 films annually, curated from submissions across the globe. The festival draws an audience of thousands including visitors from all over Arizona and the Southwest, along with high-profile filmmakers/directors and industry leaders. The festival takes place on seven screens over 2 ½ days in four different venues/locations, and is managed as an all-volunteer event. An important aspect of the festival is its focus on education. Each year the festival offers hands-on workshops with visiting filmmakers, panels covering topics of interest and opportunities for Arizona filmmakers to interact with their peers from around the world. Project continues through the present as a subsidiary of Stratford Artworks.

More Photos:

There is a lot of interest, dedication and enthusiasm for film here. It’s great.

Peter Bogdanovich
Director – Last Picture Show, Los Angeles